I like telling stories and making music. Trained as an engineer, worked as a lawyer, recovering from both. Perpetual novice. Enjoying my obscurity. What I’m up to now (with a nod to Derek Sivers for the idea):

Practicing novel writing

I’m comfortable writing short stories and novellas, but novels are a different beast. My previous novel attempts felt like stretched-out novellas, with too many words supporting too little plot. I clearly need to practice more, a LOT more.

Learning classical guitar

Not much new to report. I don’t think anyone wants to hear about technique exercises or me practicing the same two measures over and over, but that’s the reality of learning a challenging skill–the exciting moments, like performances, are miniscule compared to the tedium of practicing. I’m proud that I’m now working on songs in Level 3 of the Royal Conservatory of Music program (I started at the pre-Level 1 book in June 2021).

Continuing to navigate the pandemic (like everyone else)

As we approach the second anniverary of the pandemic, I’m glad that I’m handling things better than a year ago. Reading my pandemic journal reminded me how much I was flailing at the start of 2021. I managed to scrape together a short story, but even that was tough, and I seriouslyu wondered whether I was just wasting time. Rebooting this website, taking up guitar, and choosing the self-publishing path rekindled my creative spark, and I’m thrilled that I have projects to look forward to in 2022 and beyond.

January 18, 2022