Plant-powered writer. Trained as an engineer, worked as a lawyer, recovering from both. Enjoying my obscurity. The first sentence I said was “This is ridiculous” and I’ve been on-brand ever since.

What I’m up to now (with a nod to Derek Sivers for the idea):

Playing with this website

“Blog” sounds too formal what I have in mind. I’ve started and deleted many blogs because I felt like I was trying too hard to make something happen from them. I also didn’t like forcing myself to come up with a post title or make my blog about something specific. Back in the early 2010s, I enjoyed posting on Twitter because it was so informal (I deleted my account in 2015 when it was already turning toxic). Inspired by the site micro.blog, I’m experimenting with treating my blog more like a Twitter feed and posting whatever sounds fun.

Learning how to draw

The more I write, the more I’m aware of its limitations in storytelling, so I’m teaching myself how to draw. I’m using Ed Emberley’s books and Tatyana Deniz’s tutorials to learn from scratch. I’m also making collages and zines. It’s wonderful to make something just for the sake of making it, something I haven’t let myself experience in a long time.

Writing (of course)

I’m focusing more on writing as a practice/process than on specific writing goals, which tend to paralyze me so much I can’t write at all. If I have my process locked in, that’s good enough for me regardless of the outcome (which I can’t control anyway).

Continuing to slog through this pandemic

The way all of us in the United States still are.

–January 12, 2021