I like making things. Trained as an engineer, worked as a lawyer, recovering from both. Perpetual beginner. Enjoying my obscurity.

What I’m up to now (with a nod to Derek Sivers for the idea):

Diving back into music study

Music has been a big part of my life, even more than writing. Being unable to afford University of Michigan’s music school was a huge turning point in my life that’s taken me many, many years to process, and I suppose it’s something I’ll be processing forever. I decided to veer from my classical roots and study ukulele and guitar, the first stringed instruments I’ve ever attempted. Studying music again feels like coming home, and I plan to take full advantage of the technological tools available now to fill some holes in my training, especially with respect to music theory, ear training, and songwriting. I also bought an inexpensive Yamaha keyboard to noodle around with and use as a music theory workbench.

Also, Michigan has a thriving ukulele community and two groups near me. I can’t wait to make music with others again once the pandemic is over.

Writing, sort of

Not gonna lie–I haven’t written much fiction lately. After 20 years of writing and submitting, with mixed results, I don’t enjoy it as much anymore. I’m trying to get back to writing simply for myself, but I feel like I’ve forgotten how after so many years of worrying about the market and trends and social media platforms (a hard pass for me) and proper submission etiquette and what agents want and what publishers want and all that B.S. These days, I can’t think of any reasons NOT to self-publish my stories in the future, just for fun. I self-published a short story collection under a pen name a few years back and really enjoyed the experience, more than I thought I would. At this point in my life, I don’t need the money (what little can be made in writing, anyway), and I’ve accomplished enough in life to not need the ego boost of traditional publication. I’m working on a new story right now and editing a few others, but I’m re-evaluating how much time and brain space to allocate to writing now that music is back in the picture.

Waiting to be vaccinated (like everyone else)

I’m techinically eligible for a vaccine on March 22, but I’m still expecting not to get one for quite a while after that. At least there’s a light at the end of this very long tunnel.

–March 7, 2021