Five good things, including Broadway dolls and Postcards to Voters

1. I’ve been a Postcards to Voters volunteer for over two years and I can’t say enough good things about this group.  The founder Tony the Democrat goes out of his way not to waste volunteers’ time and postage by carefully vetting candidates and setting up a well-organized machine so we can write postcards anytime, anywhere, all year round. The experience I’ve had with Postcards to Voters has made me a savvier, pickier volunteer in other areas too. If you want to help our democracy but don’t have the time, energy, funds, whatever, for conventional activism like canvassing or protesting, check out Postcards to Voters. Even 5 postcards a month make a difference!

2. I’m constantly blown away by the crafting skill and attention to detail in Broadway Dolls and Guys. You can feel the huge amount of love poured into each doll.

3. Maybe it’s because I’m reaching a milestone birthday soon, but I’m glad I read Range by David Epstein and Late Bloomers by Rich Karlgaard back-to-back. Both books push back on our society’s obsession with early specialization and prodigies. As someone who was forced on a narrow career path very early in my life (and who pushed back by quitting very early as well), I’ve always sensed that having wide-ranging interests actually helped my career and my life. It’s good to have that confirmed.

4. The Decoder Ring podcast had an episode on con artist Brett Johnson. If you’re like me and fascinated by the psychological quirks that make conning possible, you’ll enjoy this (and gain some insight on why you enjoy it).

5. Apple season has been in full swing for a while now, and I love exploring new apple varieties. This chart shows I haven’t even scratched the surface. Although Honeycrisp gets all the love (deservedly so), Envy is my current favorite apple, although their “Bite and Believe” tagline sounds like it belongs on a vampire book.