Correcting course after over-committing

I didn’t plan my first three months of 2020 well. At all. My tendency to put myself last, coupled with people asking me to do stuff, has filled my calendar with more activities than I’d like. Time to course-correct.

On the community theatre front, I was lucky enough to find someone to split props duties with. I meet her tonight, and if she’s willing, I plan to hand off a lot of the remaining work to her. She has more experience than me anyway, so this might work out for the best. After this season, I’m letting my membership lapse and going back to being solely an enthusiastic patron.

On the political volunteering front, I can’t do much about events I’ve already committed to. Momentary anxiety triggered a lot of the commitments in the first place (note to self: always ask for at least 48 hours before committing to anything), but after the Michigan primary, I’ll do only Postcards to Voters and some GOTV texting with Open Progress. I can do both of those on my own time without joining a group, which are huge plusses in my book. Any more commitment than that and I get resentful, and a resentful volunteer isn’t an effective one.

I’m already looking forward to the end of March, when the only firm commitments I’ll have will be the bit of time I volunteer at the library. Yes, the world is in quite a state right now, but I can do only so much. I’ve fallen into the bad habit of neglecting my writing (and a lot of areas in my life) again, thinking that what other people want from me is more important than what I want from me.

Lesson: learn to say “no” a hell of a lot more. And delegate.